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Bootcamp course + internship.

Gain a worldwide outlook on UX & UI Design.

Enhance your UX & UI design skills through meticulously crafted projects tailored for industry relevance. Elevate your career with a compelling portfolio that showcases your expertise and creativity.

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Note: this course is only offered in Lisbon, Portugal.


2024 Session 1:

May 19 - June 29


2024 Session 2:

July 7 - August 17


Next application deadline date:

February 29

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What you will learn.

Experience studying and interning in UX and UI Design, focusing on the process of bringing human-centered design to life through understanding the history of UX, what design means in tech products today, how to do user testing and research, and implementing your design in the real world. Your work on the course and in the internship can form the foundation of your portfolio after you graduate.

Design as a Discipline

Learn the theoretical basis of aesthetics, ethics and the role of the designer. Get a brief history of UX and UI.

Principles of Design & Branding

Get to grips with Colour Theory, typography, and the analogue tools of the trade.

User Research & Testing

Find your user and their goals. Learn about user journeys and personas.

UX Writing

Understand information architecture, presenting information in an accessible way and refining your message.

UI Patterns

Apply your understanding of UI and its fundamental patterns in a mock-up project before your internship.

The Future of Design

From your portfolio to design trends, staying on top of what’s relevant today makes you highly employable.

The industry today.

According to Springboard, demand for UX designers is growing. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics points out that the employment rate for web developers and digital designers—which includes UX designers—is expected to grow 23% from 2021-2031, much faster than the average across other industries.

A transformative 6-week experience.

iX Summer combines intensive learning with hands-on application. This is the perfect opportunity to gain valuable, industry-relevant skills and internship experience, along with travel to one of our international campuses.

First 2 weeks

Bootcamp skills classes.

The first two weeks of the program are purely class contact time.

  • Two hours of live class per day. Live-taught classes are capped at 30 students.

  • Sets each student up for success in their internship.

  • For any major. No experience required.

Next 4 weeks

Internship + bootcamp class.

The next four weeks of the program are an internship-class blend.

  • Guaranteed internship placement with one of our global partner companies.

  • Continuous support from your manager and teaching team.

  • More class sessions throughout your internship to cover more advanced material.

What’s included in the program.

A technical skills bootcamp.

  • Learn from experienced industry experts.

  • Live-taught classes are capped at 30 students.

  • Get continuous support from your TAs.

  • Have in-person workshops and group work with classmates.

A curated global internship.

  • Choose from a range of scoped projects with one of our partner companies.

  • Work directly with your manager to get high-impact experience.

  • Collaborate with iX classmates in a small internship group.

  • Work hours, meetings and format are determined by your host company.

Continuous  support.

  • A dedicated TA will be assigned to your internship group.

  • Continue with classes during your internship.

  • TAs are bound to guaranteed response times to your queries.

  • iX staff on the ground are available 24/7.

Travel abroad experience.

  • Learn abroad in either Cape Town or Lisbon.

  • Your accommodation and co-working space are included.

  • Major excursions to landmarks are included.

  • Additional activities are offered throughout the program.

Learn from the best.

At iX, as a student, you have direct access to industry experts that teach, guide, and mentor you through your bootcamp and internship experience abroad. Here are some previous Teaching Team members in the course.

"As an Associate Professor at CEU University San Pablo in Madrid, I impart knowledge on Design and Communication. A proud graduate of the University of Columbia in New York, specializing in Strategic Communication, I also navigate diverse roles within the Spanish marketing industry, weaving academic insights with real-world experience."

Testimonial Person

Ángela Marta Ávila Peiró

Associate Professor at CEU University San Pablo

"Today, I’m a Brand Designer in New York, after having worked with some of the world’s biggest recording labels on designs for their products. I’m a graduate of the University of the Arts London where I got my Masters in Visual Communication and Design. I also studied at Tulane University, where I got my Bachelor of Arts in Communications with a double minor in Marketing and Psychology."

Testimonial Person

Kelly McKerr

Teaching Assistant | Brand Designer

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Explore career paths of our Alumni.

iX is designed to be your first step in a successful career.

"It's everything I ever wanted for this summer. I knew I wanted an internship and to learn more design skills, but also wanted to study abroad. I got all of this through iX and made so many great friends so fast."

Testimonial Person

Nell Steinmetz

Landed a job at Bank of America

Linkedin block image


UX & UI Design

2019 - 2019

Berlin, Germany

iX Internship


2019 - 2019

Berlin, Germany

AVP, XD Associate

Bank of America

2022 - Present

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

"iX has encouraged and inspired me to continue exploring and to push myself to face challenges head on."

Testimonial Person

Kate Clawson

Landed a job at Accenture

Linkedin block image


UX & UI Design

2018 - 2018

Lisbon, Portugal

iX Internship


2018 - 2018

Lisbon, Portugal

Linkedin block image

Design Experience Sr. Analyst


2022 - Present

New York, USA

"In class, our instructor taught us how to ask the right questions to understand the user’s interaction with a product. I’m now getting to use those skills at my internship to be able to empathize with users and understand where the app is and isn’t working. It’s this hands-on approach taking theory to a professional environment that makes me feel like I’m growing at my internship."

Testimonial Person

Jillian Howarth

Landed a job at IBM

Linkedin block image


UX & UI Design

2016 - 2016

Cape Town, South Africa

iX Internship

Barclays Africa Group Limited

2016 - 2016

Cape Town, South Africa

User Experience Designer


2019 - 2021

Austin, Texas, USA

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Explore our past internships.

A few past internship stories.

Krish Rajani

Student @ University of Virginia

I am proud to announce that I have recently completed my internship with susdee as a part of their private equity and venture capital team. While my time working at the Lisbon office has come to an end, I am excited to share that I will be continuing to work remotely during the school year and am extremely grateful for the return offer.

susdee is a ground-breaking sustainability startup that is focused on highlighting the importance of sustainability in the future of our professional world...

Read full post on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Link

Silvana Y. Pacchiano

Student at Harvard University

I am really proud to share with you all that I just completed my internship at susdee as a Venture Capital and Private Equity Intern, where I've been working for the past month.

During the intern period, I learned how to conduct a thorough competitive analysis and beachhead market analysis. Using this information, my teammates and I produced an investment pitch deck to help position susdee in the market...

Read full post on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Link

Yara Dernaika

Student at Georgetown University

I am pleased to announce that I have finished my Investment Finance summer course with iXperience.It was an honor learning from  Jonathan Miller and other industry experts the different valuation strategies, accounting basics and market analysis.

#finance #learning #investmentbanking

Read full post on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Link

Top student reviews.


Go Overseas (50+ reviews)


Career Karma (60+ reviews)


Facebook (30+ reviews)

2024 program details.


Session 1:

May 19 - June 29


Session 2:

July 7 - August 17

What's included.

  • In-person bootcamp with vetted industry experts as teaching teams.

  • Hybrid internship with 2 in-person meetings a week.

  • Internship support from teaching teams and iX Staff.

  • Accommodation and excursions.

Program fees breakdown.


Tuition: $5,995 + City experience: $6,755

Total: $12,750

Financial aid available*


Tuition: $4,995 + City experience: $7,755

Total: $12,750

Financial aid available*

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