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Health and safety info.

Student health and safety is our #1 priority.

Watch the video below to see our extensive protocols and safety measures on iX campuses worldwide.

See for yourself how iX works 24/7 to keep students healthy and safe.

Our approach.

Our global operations team takes a data-driven approach to measure every aspect of our service, from accommodation incidents to health and safety responses. We thoroughly vet every housing and excursion provider we partner with to ensure compliance with international study abroad safety, and quality standards. Our in-house legal team creates standardized contracts that protect iXperience and our students. All iX campuses are COVID compliant.

Parents who visited iX Abroad.

Each year, we welcome dozens of parents who visit their children in Cape Town and Lisbon. In this video, we caught up with a parent who visited iX Abroad, and asked what their experience was like in Cape Town.

All iX campuses adhere to international health and safety standards.

Services we provide:

  • Trained iX staff on-the-ground are available for health and safety assistance 24/7, from the moment students land until they leave.

  • Live online classes from 12pm - 2pm EST. Our accommodation and excursion partners adhere to strict COVID protocols, and we follow all location-specific COVID regulations.

  • We provide an anonymous whistleblower hotline, managed through a third party, as well as comprehensive protection under US Title IX legislation.

While iXperience programs bring together learning and adventure, every excursion and daily activity is planned and undertaken with a safety-first approach. Our program staff know our campus locations extremely well, and we work with service providers who have a local perspective.

iX health and safety.

Health and safety protocols by location.

Cape Town

Being one of the top tourist destinations in the southern hemisphere, Cape Town is a safe city for students. iX staff members and our Health and Safety Officers are on call 24 hours a day to assist students whenever necessary.

We also have on-site security at the student accommodation, Neighbourgood Hill, which is monitored by CCTV cameras. When students arrive, we present them with a comprehensive Health and Safety briefing, which guides students on how to take responsibility for their safety at all times.


Lisbon has an excellent reputation internationally for being an incredibly safe city. As in Cape Town, the dedicated on-site iX staff members are available around the clock to assist students.The student accommodation in Lisbon, Bluesock, is monitored by CCTV cameras. All students are presented with a comprehensive Health and Safety briefing on arrival, which informs them of local customs and safety protocols.

Travel insurance.

Do you need additional insurance for COVID?

Cape Town and Lisbon

Check with their medical insurance if they are covered for international travel. Cover should include cover for quarantine accommodation as well as any COVID tests.

Get International Medical Aid through companies such as Worldtrips.

Your international medical insurance should have a guarantee of coverage for medical expenses in cases of COVID-19 in Cape Town for at least USD $50,000 A minimum coverage of USD $2,000 for extended lodging expenses due to quarantine is recommended.

Health & safety booklets.

Download a booklet for more information on each location’s Health and Safety protocols.

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