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The global internship.

Add global work experience to your resume.

As part of your experience at iX, you'll work on a real-world project with a group of other students, guided by your expert teacher and TAs.


3500+ interns

placed globally.

250+ internship partners

around the world.

91.7% customer satisfaction score

as rated by our class of 2023.

How the internship
is structured

Your iX internship is integrated with your course. Learning continues throughout the internship period to give you the support to complete the deliverables.

You’ll have office hours with your TAs and frequent opportunities to approach your Head Teacher with any challenges you encounter, so that any questions you have can be answered with a professional’s perspective.

Then, at the end of the program, you’ll present your internship deliverables to your class and your company manager.

First 2 weeks

Bootcamp classes.

The first two weeks of the program are purely class contact time.

  • Mon - Fri: Class only.

Next 4 weeks

Internship + bootcamp class.

The next four weeks of the program are a internship/class blend.

  • Mon/Wed/Fri: Internship only.

  • Tues/Thu: Morning classes, afternoon internship work.

Our internships don't require prior experience. That's because what you learn in class will connect directly with your internship project, so you'll be applying your new skills to create value.

In addition to the incredible students you’ll be working with, you’ll have a chance to build relationships with professionals at your internship company. This means you’ll make friends and colleagues in your host city, and expand your understanding of the global economy.

You'll meet frequently with your manager for check-ins, alignment, and feedback about your work. Your teaching team will be available throughout to support you with both subject matter and relationship management.

Your past internship explorer.

See what global internships iX students have done in the past.

A few past internship stories.

Results that speak for themselves.

Example resumes from students who've completed our programs.

Explore the Summer 2024 options.


Management Consulting

Learn about solutions-focused problem-solving and develop business models.

View details

*In all cities


Data Science

Learn about data sets to create actionable insights and apply machine learning.

View details

*Cape Town only


Software Engineering

Learn about coding languages, teamwork and understand how to implement APIs.

View details

*Cape Town only


Investment Banking

Learn about financial tools, concepts and assess a company's performance over time.

View details

*Cape Town only


UX & UI Design

Learn about Design Psychology, leverage Moral Design, utilize branding and brand guidelines.

View details

*Lisbon only

2024 program details.


Session 1:

May 19 - June 29


Session 2:

July 7 - August 17

What's included.

  • In-person bootcamp with vetted industry experts as teaching teams.

  • Hybrid internship with 2 in-person meetings a week.

  • Internship support from teaching teams and iX Staff.

  • Accommodation and excursions.

Program fees breakdown.

Cape Town.

Tuition: $5,995 + City experience: $3,975

Total: $9,970

Financial aid available*


Tuition: $5,995 + City experience: $6,755

Total: $12,750

Financial aid available*


Tuition: $4,995 + City experience: $7,755

Total: $12,750

Financial aid available*

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