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September 14, 2017

My first taste of Venture Capital

Written by

Will Russ

My time at iXperience was unlike anything I have ever experienced! The incredible combination of learning, professional development, and cultural immersion was one that I will never forget. During the Finance course I learned concepts and skills relevant to my studies and future career, such as DCF analysis, reward-to-variability statistics, and the application of the CAPM model. Ben, Obeid and Albert ensured that we not only learn about these concepts but understood them to the best of our ability, and were always available for questions and help with professional development. I will take these with me as I enter our business school and will try to build off of them as I progress in recruiting and in my studies.

While the classroom portion of the trip was a very rewarding experience, I learned even more while interning at Brookwood. Venture capital is an area that has always interested me, and interning in this area was very exciting. I was exposed to various areas that kept my work fresh and exciting. I liked constantly switching it up and doing new things that kept me on my toes. The internship had concrete deliverables we had to work towards, especially with the Shark Tank pitch event. Our team put in a great deal of work to make the event happen, from recruiting startups to running operations on the event day. We were really excited to have it be as successful as it was.

I will no doubt look back on my work and deliverables and talk about it in the future. We had multiple elements outside the workplace and while I may not have enjoyed writing daily journal entries at the time, I now understand how helpful it will be when remembering specifics for interviews. Reading the Intelligent Investor and investing on Robinhood really improved my financial skills. The flexibility and autonomy of my work made my time at Brookwood really fulfilling and I wouldn’t change a thing!

iXperience gave me memories that will last a lifetime. The group was full of awesome and amazingly talented people. I look forward to seeing the future growth of iXperience and the amazing Alumni network. Thanks for everything!

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