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May 18, 2016

R100 000 Scholarships for a Life-Changing Course

Written by

Seth Fuchs

South Africa is home to many extraordinary people whose enormous potential, intelligence and remarkable work ethic is made irrelevant by a simple tragedy. There just isn’t enough time or money. Too often, talented young South Africans can do nothing with their intellectual strength because education is too expensive, or they are forced to prioritise their limited resources elsewhere. Many leave school because they need any available job, immediately. Our society squanders its future by forcing its young people to sacrifice their mental capacities, thoughts and ideas, for survival.

Education enables a greater future. iXperience is a South African career accelerator whose sole purpose is to provide our students with the learning experience needed to excel. Innovative teaching methods, world-class professors, incorporation of technologies that revolutionise the classroom, and internships at industry-leading businesses have helped our students to secure work at Facebook, Google, Bain, NASA and more. In just two years, iXperience has grown 750%. We have developed to attract learners from the likes of Harvard, Oxford, Princeton, Cambridge and Yale to our base in Cape Town. We have collaborated with major companies including Uber and Accenture, which signifies recognition that iXperience equips its students with skills that powerful companies are seeking.

We acknowledge the South African intellectual tragedy. Regrettably, it is extremely expensive to coordinate and maintain immersive learning of the highest quality. The cost per student to run each course is more than many South Africans can afford. Regardless, we are committed to providing talented, driven, excellent young South Africans the opportunity to learn through iX courses in order to end the South African intellectual tragedy. In this light, we are delighted to announce that we have entered into collaboration with another exceptional South African company that shares our commitment, Allan Gray.

Together, iXperience and Allan Gray will provide a number of extraordinary young South Africans scholarships to the value of R100 000 each, in order to complete the heralded iXperience coding course. Beyond the excellent teaching, this includes sharing classrooms, accommodation, a living stipend, and adventures around Cape Town with the smartest students from around the world, and consideration for a three-month internship with Allan Gray. This is the beginning of our campaign to revolutionise education for South Africans, and so to revolutionise our country’s future. iXperience stands for education, technology, and innovation that can propel South Africa forward.

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