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September 22, 2017

3 Reasons You Should Travel While You’re In College

Written by

Laura Fox

In a world that demands that we’re all global citizens, it’s becoming more important, now more than ever, for college students to travel overseas. Employers are actively looking for globally-minded people and one of the best ways to achieve this is through travel and exploration.

Here are three reasons that you should take the leap and explore the world before you graduate:

Get out of your comfort zone

Let’s face it, you more than likely have an idea of where your comfort zone is. At home with your family, in a community that has probably known for a good part of your life. You have a group of friends, favourite activities, places that you like to go to and possible even a job. It’s easy to become comfortable in a comfortable bubble and so the idea of breaking free can be scary and uncomfortable.

Therein lies the beauty -- you learn more when you break free from daily routine, when you challenge yourself to jump out of what is comfortable and into the unknown. Travelling to a new place where you’re going to meet people who may or may not have different values to you, who you may think live completely differently to you might seem scary at first, yet once you realise that you can connect with people, despite their differences, you become smarter and more adept at building lasting relationships.

Learn to self-reflect

Travelling is a great opportunity to break free from old habits and patterns and create new experiences for yourself. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for self-reflection because when you break out of routine, you give yourself the chance to reflect, to break away from your current reality and see the bigger picture.

As a traveller, you take on the role of observer and become the mighty eagle in that your old life will seem so far away, which gives you the ability to detach and look at it from a different perspective. That way, you can reflect on your current goals and if necessary, recalibrate and move forward in a direction that is truly aligned to your life plan.

Build confidence

When you travel, you’ll likely have to do things you’ve never done before. Whether it’s navigating the public transport system of a city you’ve never been to in a language you don’t know or speaking to a person whose cultural background is completely different to yours, it can be pretty scary!

However, as you work your way through these obstacles, you’ll realise that it’s not that scary and yes, you CAN do it. Just think, if you can develop the ability to adapt to a completely alien situation, you can do anything and you’ll quickly learn that even the biggest obstacles will seem less like an obstruction and more of a welcome challenge.

You’ll soon realise that the excitement and influence of travelling goes way beyond the journey itself. Leaving routine and stability behind will develop your independence, personal strength and help you to realise that you are in control of your destiny, and at the same time will give you unforgettable memories and experiences that will last a lifetime.

So, embrace the discomfort, dig into your soul and have the confidence to take on the world. It’s helping you to grow.

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