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Credit/funding information.

Your guide to applying for internship credit.

Apply and transfer credit for the internship portion of the iX program.

The process to apply for internship credit.

Over the past few years, we have received many questions about the credit transfer process. Recently, we have noticed more and more students being able to apply and transfer credit for the internship portion of the iXperience program. 

Overall, the process for applying for internship credit can vary depending on your school's policies and requirements, but these steps should give you a general idea of what to expect.

Make sure to check with your academic advisor/college dean about specific guidelines and deadlines.

How to apply for credit.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to go about applying for credit at your institution.


Check your school's requirements.

Before applying for internship credit, it's important to check your school's requirements and policies. Different schools may have different requirements for internships, such as the number of hours required, the type of internship that qualifies, or the application process itself. Check with your academic advisor or career center to learn more.


Confirm eligibility.

Before applying for credit, make sure you meet your school's eligibility requirements. These may include minimum GPA requirements, completing certain coursework, or being a certain class standing. iXperience can provide you with additional documentation which can accompany your application. 

Example transcript – we can provide you with the specific document related to your course.


Apply for internship credit.

Once you have found an internship (iX) and confirmed your eligibility, you can apply for internship credit. The application process may vary depending on your school, but typically you will need to submit an application, resume, and possibly a statement of purpose. You may also need to obtain approval from your academic advisor or faculty sponsor.


Register for the internship course.

After you have been approved for internship credit, you will need to register for the internship course. This may involve filling out additional paperwork, such as a registration form or learning agreement. You might also need to pay any associated fees for the course.


Complete the internship.

Once you are registered for the course, you can begin your internship. Make sure to keep track of your hours and any other requirements set forth by your school or internship supervisor.


Reflect on your experience.

At the end of the internship, you may be required to submit a reflection paper or complete an evaluation form. This is a chance for you to reflect on what you learned during your internship and how it has impacted your academic and career goals.


Receive credit.

Once you have completed all the requirements for the internship course, you will receive credit on your transcript. The amount of credit awarded may vary depending on your school's policies and the number of hours completed.

University credit/funding information.

Select your respective university to find out more. 

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