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October 15, 2018

Top 5 Reasons to Summer Abroad in Tel Aviv

Written by

Ari Rosenthal

iXperience Tel Aviv launches in 2019! If you're thinking about spending your summer abroad in the 'Miami of the Middle East', but need some convincing, take a look at iX alum, Ari Rosenthal's, top 5 reasons why you'll love every moment there. He also suggests 3 apps that will help you best navigate Israel's start-up hub with ease. 

Tel Aviv beachfront

iX 2018 alum, Ari Rosenthal (middle) in Tel Aviv

I have never experienced a city quite like Tel Aviv. Having previously worked for a start-up in Tel Aviv during the day, and explored the city during my weekends and nights, I can say with certainty that it's one of my favourite places in the world. Having also lived in New York, Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Louis, Tel Aviv is the only city that I feel safe in, walking around exploring at 3:00 a.m if the mood strikes. 

It’s a place where you can work in an incredible start-up during the day, visit a vibrant new nightclub every night, and have an interesting discussion with someone new while picking up your artisanal morning coffee.

Top 5 reasons why you’ll have the time of your life on your visit to Tel Aviv

1. The Culture

What truly makes Tel Aviv so great is the vibrant culture: Tel Aviv—being both a melting pot and salad bowl—allows for new fusions and collaborations as Eastern and Western cultures merge, resulting in new ideas and cutting-edge technological innovations. If you have a dream, or big idea, Tel Aviv is where you can make it happen.

2. The Food

Port Said Tel Aviv

Image by Port Said

Calling all foodies! Israel has delicious and unique restaurants opening every day, not to mention it’s also been named the number one city in the world for vegans. Some of my favorites spots include Miznon, a great and cheap street-food vibe with fresh pita bread and delicious meat, Benedict, which serves unreal breakfast food 24/7, Port Said, which serves middle-eastern grub with a hipster flair, and Cafe Soho for all-day bagels, wraps, flapjacks or salads, and great coffee.

3. The Beaches

Tel Aviv beaches

Beautiful beaches in Tel Aviv

With the weather typically sunny and in the high 70’s, much of TLV culture revolves around the beach. Whether surfing, swimming, playing paddle ball, or simply getting a nice tan, the beach is always a free and fun option. With 16 beaches to choose from, each one has its own ‘personality’ and attracts different crowds. All are clean, have great facilities, and offer amazing sunset views, not to mention the crystal-clear water and brilliant white sand.

4. The People

Exploring Tel Aviv

Exploring Tel Aviv

This is what makes Tel Aviv my favorite city in the world. Israelis have no common color or religion. They are incredibly kind-hearted and spunky. Israelis also just so happen to be an incredibly attractive bunch (see: clubs).

5. The Clubs

Tel Aviv’s daily beachfront parties and countless underground clubs have rightly earned it the title of 'the city that never sleeps'. With Forbes ranking Tel Aviv as ‘one of the world’s top party cities,’ there are too many zesty and fun spots to explore in a short summer. Clubs that should be on every list include Shalvata, a great summer bar open along the beach, Clara Beach Bar, another oceanside favorite, and Hamisrad, a techno club with a wild 20-something vibe.

Tel Aviv truly is incredibly open, vibrant, multicultural, and one-of-a-kind. 

Bonus! 4 apps you should download when visiting Tel Aviv

1. Duolingo

Despite the fact that nearly everyone in this city speaks great English (and will want to practice their English on you!) I would recommend trying to learn a few words in Hebrew before you get there on Duolingo. It’s such a beautiful language, and it’s fun to try out your skills in a judgement-free city.

2. Gett

Think of Gett as the Yellow Taxi equivalent of Uber.

3. Moovit

Moovit allows you to easily plan a public-transport trip to see real-time arrivals, provides easy to understand itineraries, and get-off alerts.

4. Ravkav

Public transportation in Tel Aviv is cheap and great, and your reloadable Ravkav will make getting on the bus painless!

I can’t wait to see you in Tel Aviv next summer. אריאל רוזנתל

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