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May 28, 2016

An Open Letter from our Teachers to Students

Written by

Allie Ivener

Brus! (This is a word you'll learn fast when you get here.) We’re Allie and Cameron, your two Head TAs for #iX2016, and we are stoked for you all to get to Cape Town. Airport layovers just ROCK, don’t they?

Despite the long flights, sleep deprivation, and what we imagine is probably a strong desire to take a shower after airports and airplanes, the minute you land in Cape Town you’ll realize how amazing this summer will be.

Your lodging is dope. We stayed there the past two nights, and if you’ve imagined a run-down hostel without functioning showers, you’re completely mistaken. The comfy beds, bar and restaurant, outdoor mingling area, and amazingly welcoming and wonderful staff make this place incredible. And once you all get here, this place will finally stop feeling so empty! We’ll certainly be visiting you all at the iX Lodging a lot!

Oh and did we mention how ridiculously cheap everything is? My delicious latte this morning was only R22 ($1.40), and the cafe in Workshop 17 has homemade juice, a coffee bar, and amazing sandwiches. This open workspace where you’ll have class has floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking Table Mountain and the sunny V&A Waterfront of Cape Town. Just outside the building lie countless restaurants, shops, and the ocean. This really isn’t your ordinary lecture hall – it’s so much better.

Working space at Workshop17, the iX campus

Your trip is not just about enjoying the delicious cheap food and beautiful weather surrounding your epic hostel alongside your new best friends (though that is all good stuff). The main joys of your upcoming months will come from the classroom. We’ve been in the thick of teacher orientation this week, and we can promise that your instructors and TAs are absolutely top-notch. Expect lots of cool life stories, awesome coffee chats, bad puns, and so much more.

We’ve also been looking at the different courses’ lesson plans and, in true iX fashion, they are intense. But this should make you excited, not nervous. You know this already, but take a moment to remind yourselves that there are no grades at iX – the environment is carefully designed to be collaborative. You will have to push yourselves quite hard over the next 8 weeks, but we and the other 10 TAs are here to help and support you the entire way.

Anyways, we’re typing this in the epic iX lecture facility and it’s sunny out… so we’re going to drop the laptops for a bit and explore outside. Just know that we, along with the entire iX staff, are eagerly awaiting your arrival. A lot of thoughtful work and planning has gone into crafting the best summer experience possible, so all you need to do is show up and enjoy the ride.

Join us on Snapchat as we dive into iX2016. Follow "iXperienceCT" to get in on the fun.

In the meanwhile, good luck sleeping next to that crying baby on the plane, and we will see you all so soon!


Allie & Cam

Head TAs, iX 2016

Our team from all over the world united in Cape Town. #iX2016, we're coming for you!
Our team from all over the world united in Cape Town. #iX2016, we're coming for you! 

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