Supercharge your summerExplore careers and travel to the USA

A pre-college summer programme offered in partnership with

 A pre-college career exploration summer programme for ambitious high school students.

Live-taught by industry professionals, with in-class projects from global companies.

This programme is designed to give you real-world experience in a potential future career while you explore and offers students the chance to complete the programme online from anywhere in the world, or visit a range of American college campuses for a real immersion experience.

We are offering the following careers this summer.

Blockchain & Crypto

  • Understand the mechanics and tech behind blockchain.

  • Find out how cryptocurrencies use the blockchain.

Management Consulting

  • Learn a problem-solving approach to business issues

  • Identify and use key tools for planning and analysis

Data Analytics

  • Understand data sourcing, cleaning, and analysis

  • Examine the ethics behind using data and learn how to tell a story

Intro to Software Engineering

  • Learn to use tools like Github, VS Code, and the Chrome dev tools

  • Understand the different parts of development, coding, styling and integration

UX/UI Design

  • Understand design rules and how to approach problems from a user perspective

  • Learn to create personas and user journeys using common tools

Digital Marketing

  • Understand the difference between traditional and digital marketing

  • Study brand building, customer centricity, and telling stories that resonate

Looking for something else?

Summer Springboard offers summer career exploration courses in tracks from medicine and law to visual arts and design at college campuses all over the USA (see the list of campuses above).

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"After graduating from Yale, we founded iX to help young students unlock their potential."

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Experience college life and explore a career this summer.

Student life.

Learning will be inspiring and interactive, with courses designed to incorporate the resources of the area local to the college campus. Alongside their academic courses and micro-internships, on campus students take an elective, to encourage students to look inward and discover their unique definition of success as well as give them the tools to achieve it. Students will take their experience beyond the classroom and into the city with field trips and guest lectures.

Lodging and meals.

Students will stay in the college dorms, and experience life the same way as a college student. Depending on the campus, students may share a dorm room or get a single. Some rooms have bathrooms, and others use a common bathroom. Meals will be at a campus dining hall or in nearby eateries, and we can accommodate all diets.

Activities and excursions.

On campus students will have ample time to take part in activities and excursions as well as explore the area their college campus is in. Students in New York can explore the High Line Park or grab a coffee and relax in Central Park. In California at UC Berkeley, students can explore San Francisco and Silicon Valley—one of the most innovative areas in the world.

Immerse yourself in college life.


Students stay in on-campus, single-gender dormitories in shared or single rooms, depending on what's available on their campus.

Both UC Berkeley and Fordham University have 24-hours on-campus security on patrol.

The Summer Springboard staff remain on-campus throughout the programme, to be available to students on their first trip to college.


Students will have the opportunity to explore the cities each college is in: Berkeley, San Francisco and New York City.

There will be a chance to explore the Golden Gate Bridge and California's Great America amusement park in Santa Clara.

In New York, students can explore Central Park, the Empire State Building, the Top of the Rock, Grand Central Station, the High Line, as well as visiting local restaurants and coffee shops.


There will be excursions and track-specific trips included in each programme, allowing students to explore the wealth that each region offers.

Previous excursions in Berkeley have included visits to the Google and Facebook/Meta offices, as well as trips to the Zuckerberg San Francisco Hospital and Trauma Center (for those in the Medical Track).

New Yorkers can explore the financial district, and more!

The basics.


To be eligible for this experience, you need to be over the age of 15, in grades 8-12 and have a grade point average (GPA) of 3.0. To be eligible for the on campus experience, students will have to travel to the college campus themselves. Residence is included in the tuition fee for the Hybrid On Campus experience.

Please see here for all the eligibility criteria for US and international students.


There are two package options available:
1. Online: $1,598 ($200 discount, usually $1,798)
All six courses can be taken online from anywhere in the world.

2. Hybrid On Campus:
UC Berkeley: $4,948 ($750 discount, usually $5,698)
At UC Berkeley, students can study UX & UI Design and Intro to Software Engineering.

New York: $4,748 ($750 discount, usually $5,498)
At Fordham University in New York City, students can study Blockchain & Cryptocurrency and Digital Marketing.

How to enroll.

Complete the simple application form linked below. Payment secures your place, and spaces are limited.

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Structure and dates.

Although Summer Springboard runs over three sessions, only Session 1 is available to study the hybrid and online courses. Session 1 is sold out, and Session 3 is only available for on-campus, in-person experiences. Fill in this form to find out more.

Online students can study any one of the six programmes available, but they are offered at different times corresponding with the timezone in the US college at which they are based. PT is Pacific Time and corresponds to UC Berkeley, and ET is Eastern Time and corresponds with Fordham University in New York City. Times listed below are start times, and each online class session is three hours long.

Hybrid On-Campus at UC Berkeley (UX & UI Design and Web Development)
Session 2: July 2 - 13, 2023
Classes: 9 am PT

Hybrid On-Campus at Fordham University, NYC (Blockchain & Cryptocurrency and Digital Marketing)
Session 2: July 2 - 13, 2023
Classes: 12 pm ET

Online only (UX/UI Design, Web Development, Data Analytics, and Management Consulting)
Session 2: July 3 - 13, 2023
Classes: 8 pm GST

Online only (Blockchain & Digital Marketing)
Session 2: July 3 - 13, 2023
Classes: 8 pm GST

Other campuses and tracks are available during Sessions 1 & 3.
Please contact us for more information.

Not your typical summer camp.

Supercharge your summer with a unique, on-campus career exploration experience. Dive deep into one career and gain real-world work experience through the micro-internship project.

Summer immersion

The hybrid programme allows students to travel to an American university campus and take part in activities to gain a college experience on a vibrant campus. Students learn in interactive, engaging online learning environments for 3 hours per day over the course of 9 days. Classes are limited to 35 students per class.

Online internship.

Dive deep into one of six in-demand careers over 9 days this summer. This intensive summer programme combines practical training with a micro-internship project. Gain deeper insight into a career and learn from professionals in the field. Classes are 3 hours per day over the course of 9 days, limited to 35 students per class.

Explore these US college campuses.

UC Berkeley (California).

Based in San Francisco, with Silicon Valley close by, UC Berkeley is in the centre of one of the most exciting regions for tech and innovation.

Fordham University (NYC).

Based in the heart of Manhattan, at the Lincoln Center campus, Fordham is in the vibrant heart of the city that never sleeps.

Other college campuses.

For students interested in taking on-campus and in-person classes, in tracks such as Medicine and Law, there are other college campuses available.


Breakfast at the dining hall with students from all over America and the world.


Online classes, made up of teaching sessions and group micro-internship project.


Lunch at the dining hall, where they can accommodate a wide range of dietary needs.


Recreational activity on campus, or off-campus excursion with Summer Springboard staff.


Enrichment elective: College Admissions, Public Speaking, Athletics, and more.


Dinner either on campus or in the nearby city, accompanied by Summer Springboard staff.


Evening activities like game nights, lip sync battles, and more.


Evening check-in with the Resident Advisor (RA) dedicated to each dormitory.


Bedtime! Sleep well to stay fresh for another day of college immersion.

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Get ready to thrive this summer.

iX LaunchPad and Summer Springboard are ready to give you the perspective and experience you need to get career clarity in a possible career path. Not only does this programme make you stand out in college applications, it will help you select the right path in university where you can thrive.

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