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Fully remote Investment Banking Accelerator Bootcamp.

➡️  Learn the full Investment Banking toolkit.

➡️  Get internship experience on your resume.

➡️  Ace your future interviews.

Program cost:


Classes live-taught by:

Top finance experts


Program duration:

8 Weeks


Prior experience:

None needed

Learn from industry. Work in industry.

iX Investment Banking is a fully remote 8-week summer program, available exclusively to ambitious college undergrads, giving them all the tools and experience to build a successful career in finance.

This program is designed for students with no prior professional consulting experience.

Our application process.


Apply for the program.

Submit a written application. If you're a good fit we'll invite you to an interview.


Get invited to an interview.

Based on your application, and evaluation, you will receive an invite to an interview within 3 days.


Receive your decision.

If you are accepted, you'll get access to an enrolment portal with all the information you need to confirm your place.


Start the program!

You will join a class of top students serious about succeeding in consulting.

Request more details.

Fill in your details and we'll send you a downloadable info pack with more in-depth information about the program.

Program details.

What's included.

  • Instructor & TA support.

  • Consulting certification.

  • Real-world experience.

  • Client project.

  • Live classes.

Program cost.


Helping students get ahead.

"Its a once in a lifetime experience to learn more about a subject you are interested in, experience a new culture, and make lifelong friends. You get so much out of the program and it is genuinely more fun than any other study/work program."

Testimonial Person

Jacob Creiger-Combs, Vanderbilt Univ.

Landed a job at J.P. Morgan

"My experience with iX definitely helped me in two ways. First, it assisted me with the recruiting process by providing a unique experience to talk about, which was not just about a standard 9 to 5 internship in the US. I was able to discuss my global work experience, which set me apart. Second, the day-to-day work helped me build networks and connections all around the world. In addition to technical skills, I learned a lot during my time with iX."

Testimonial Person

Danielle Mileto, Univ. of Michigan

Landed a job at Goldman Sachs

"As a student planning to enter the financial services industry, learning from an industry leader and hearing about his experiences is extremely helpful in understanding the more technical side of finance careers. Additionally, I have been exposed to many elements of financial statements and financial analysis that I have not learned in my university courses. It is great to have in-depth education on the technical and more mathematical parts of finance with the one-on-one help from the teacher and TAs.

Testimonial Person

Alissa Moore, Univ. of Michigan

Landed a job at Morgan Stanley

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FAQs: General questions

Find all you need to know before
you join the program.

Do I need prior skills or work experience to do iX?

No. This program is designed for students with little to no experience in Investment Banking.
Your pre-course work before the 8-week summer program starts gets you up to speed and
on the same level as other program participants, so that we can hit the ground running on
day one. We often have majors from every corner of a university doing the finance program,
as the career path caters to students from a variety of backgrounds.

Can I balance this program with other summer commitments?

Yes! In a 2022 survey, we found that around 60% of iX program participants do this program
in conjunction with one or two other summer plans, such as summer classes or even another
internship. That said, make sure that you have enough time available to give to the iX
program so that you can get the most out of it by the end. Day in the Life Info Pack

Who are the instructors and what will I learn in the bootcamp course?

The iX instructors are industry experts that have worked for finance firms such as KPMG,
EY, Goldman Sachs, and others. Because of this, our students get exclusive teaching,
coaching, and mentorship from exceptional people they would normally not have access to.
An example of a teacher who has taught many of the iX Finance programs is Jonathan Miller,
an ex-executive at EY turned Private Wealth Manager. In this video, Jonathan talks about
what students learn in the iX Banking program, and why it’s so important to learn the
technicals in finance, and why it’s important to apply these skills to real-world problems.

How can I convince my parents to invest in this program?

We know that the decision to do iX may be a decision you make with your family. We
encourage you to send them this info pack so they have all the information, and can help you
decide if this is the right investment for your summer given your career goals and recruiting
timelines. We are happy to schedule a call with your parents if they’d like to discuss the
program in more detail.

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