Learn the valuable skill of coding through Web Development, and how to use Data Analytics & Decision Making to gain valuable and actionable insights.
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Gain a skill set that evolves with technology.

In a world where technology is evolving daily, being able to build digital products through code, and leveraging data to solve business problems can set students on an excellent career path.

Applicable to most industries, Web Development and Data Analytics & Decision Making are tools that are only going to become more relevant as modern businesses are run on digital platforms and the internet.

Individual attention from industry experts.

With limited class sizes, our expert teachers can give individualized support and feedback to every student. Students will gain invaluable perspective and a mentor who will advise them throughout the program.

Miguel Lacerda

Chief Data Scientist at Differential Capital

"I am currently the Chief Data Scientist at Differential Capital, a boutique asset management firm that utilises artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance the traditional investment process. I lead our data science activities, which include macroeconomic modelling, back-testing machine learning algorithms to forecast a variety of asset classes, quantitative risk management and the development of portfolio optimisation algorithms."

Develop a fundamental skill set.

In the first part of this program, students will gain a deeper understanding of this learning stream and acquire a set of practical skills vital to their chosen discipline.

Web Development

Code & Develop

Design and develop simple frontend web applications using HTML, CSS and Javascript.


Use GIT to version control code and collaborate with other developers on the same project.


Learn to create database tables and structures.

Firebase Integration

Integrate with a serverless backend framework (Firebase).

Data Science


Use Python and deploy its user-friendly Data Science toolkit.

Data Demonstration

Demonstrate and explain concepts relating to the field of Data Science, its uses and limitations.

Critical Context

Critically examine ethical issues and debates in the Data Science field, and make ethically-informed judgements on these issues.

Data Management

Manage the Data Science pipeline, from initial data wrangling to modeling, productionization and deep learning.

Source Code Management

Practice data collection (web-scraping), cleaning, visualization, collaboration and version control (using Git).

Practical skills applied on real-world projects.

Once pupils have the knowledge and skills, they’ll apply them to a practical project for some real-world learning. The design curriculum culminates with real-world Design and Marketing projects. Industry and company needs change fast, and so do the projects as they evolve to match these changes.

Below are some examples of past projects:
Online Marketplace

The internship partner company is an online marketplace which sells sustainable upcycled products. The brief to the students was to develop the landing pages, product listing pages and product details pages for the web application to meet the design and provider by the company. The students managed to implement the webpages to match the design using ReactJS as the frontend development framework, as well as post and fetch products from a firebase database.

Custom Code Editor

The company’s mission is to combine data labeling tools and industry best practices and create a machine learning platform for their clients to upload a raw file to be labeled by using their UI. Their users use different import formats, so the objective was to build a feature that allows users to write their own scripts to parse custom raw files into internal formats.

Interns worked on an interactive code editor within the browser to allow users to implement customized import/export behavior based on their specific needs, which also included IntelliSense and autocompletes. They also developed an integration of the interactive code editor with a pre-defined GraphQL endpoint and an isolated library component that is exportable and importable to other React projects.

Online Booking System

The organization is a registered non-profit trust established and run for the benefit of the arts. It comprises of a world-renowned sculpture park, artist residency, studios and workshops and outdoor concert venues on 20 hectares of landscaped gardens and waterways in a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Interns worked to build an internal booking platform for patrons of the foundation and for attending events, as well as to create a more engaging and experience-based website, including a mobile-friendly interface.

Social Media Analytics Project

The company is a startup focusing on developing marketers’ use of analytics and technology to make better marketing (and their lives easier). Marketing is becoming increasingly complex with no signs of slowing down, and the data marketing generated alongside the technological solutions available provide insight into a fast-paced, data-driven industry.

The interns developed an ability to use analytics and technology to make better investments and increase KPIs. Digital marketing data (media, social, website) was particularly unstable in time of COVID-19 turmoil, and applied research alongside the data was critical in advising digital strategies.

Data Visualization Project

The company is a cloud-based HTML5 software, enabling users to create professionally-designed digital content. The internship required the implementation of informative exec-level BI dashboard in dash, for customer segmentation and churn projection.

A direct view of analytical insights value creation was required. This project resulted in the team learning the skillset of dashboard development, with exposure across other Data Anylitics & Decision Making technologies, such as SQL and Heroku. KPIs as well as additional insights, and graphs were displayed, allowed insight into conversion, churn, success rates, and allowed the client to quantify marketing strategy success rates.

High school students rub shoulders with expert alumni.

Your students will get to be part of an elite network and have access to an ever-growing iX Alumni Community. Many of these past students come from the world's top universities, and have gone on to work for Fortune 500 companies in industries relevant to LaunchPad’s learning streams.

Gates Cao

Data Product Analyst at YipitData

"I can’t believe the amount of knowledge and skills I’ve acquired in this course, and how much I felt empowered in such a short period of time. I worked hard on the exercises and projects not to get good grades, but because I was inspired and eager to dive into the materials. I’m confident that the data science skills I learned will open up lots of opportunities that I didn’t think of before."

Gain a valuable addition to your school’s offering.