Career exploration bootcamp

Career exploration bootcamp

Get ahead this holiday. Learn a skill, improve your resume. Prepare for the future of work.

热门学科 ·专家授课 ·项目实操 · 背景提升

Jan 24 - Feb 18, 2022.

iX LaunchPad.

Gain in-demand, industry specific skills from leading industry professionals. Get global experience working on real-world projects in the intense 4-week bootcamp.

Learn. 学习

The program begins with a live-taught remote class, hosted by an industry expert for 4 weeks.

课程从直播在线课程开始,相关行业专家领衔 授课。

  • Learn from industry professionals

  • Small, engaging classes with a 20:1 teacher ratio

  • Intensive, focused curriculum (30+ hours)

Engage. 实践

During your course, you'll start a real-world project with a group of students in your class. You will work together to produce outcomes for this project and present your findings to the class.

接着,你们将分组参与海外企业的真实项 目,共同协作努力完成这个项目,并向全班 展示最后的成果。

  • Real-world experience

  • Work as a team to solve challenging problems

  • Support from the teaching team throughout

Excel. 超越

At the end, you'll be able to analyze and communicate effectively with data. You're one step ahead, and ready for your next move.

最终,你将掌握对数据进行有效的分析或金融 知识。让你比对手领先一步。

  • Certificate in Data Analytics

  • Access to additional content and resources

  • Join the iXperience alumni network

How the program works. 课程安排

Week 3

7 Feb to 11 Feb 2022 12pm - 2pm CST Building Skills & Introduce Project

Week 4

14 Feb to 19 Feb 2022 12pm - 2pm CST Complete & Present Real-World Project

Why Data Analytics?

The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data. It should be no surprise then that “Data Analytics” is the world’s most marketable skill. In fact, 70% of US business leaders have a preference for job applicants with data skills on their resumes. With the current job application success rate between 2% and 3.4%, adding data to your arsenal is a smart way to amplify your opportunities.

世界上最有价值的资源不再是石油,而是数据。那么“数据分析”能 力是 世界上最有附加值的技能也就不足为奇了。事实上,70% 的美国 商界 领袖都偏爱简历中具有数据技能的求职者。 由于当前的工作申请成功率在2%到3.4%之间,因此数据分析能力能提 升你的“武器库”,是提高求职升学机会的不二之选。
Understanding Data
Articulate Issues
Python for Analytics
Insights with Data
Collaborative coding

Meet some of our industry professionals 授课专家

Claire Davis-Reddy

Data Science Team Lead, Remote Sensing Specialist, Climate Change Advisor

“Data analysts are increasingly becoming an integral part of data-driven decision making in every organisation. Data analysts bring data to life through exploration, visualisation, and most importantly through stories. What will distinguish people over the next 10 years is the ability to communicate data insights effectively and affect change through their analysis."

Skills that will get you ahead.

Multiply the potential of your school curriculum with a skillset that adds relevance and potency to your personal brand. By adding any of these future focused programs to your resume, you can open a vast array of new career paths, and expand on opportunities within your chosen field.


通过在简历中添加课程中所学的着眼未来的技能,拓宽职业发 展道路,扩大升学求职机会。

Hear it from alumni, whose lives changed.

Nupur Chhacchi

Emory University

“iXperience gave me not only a vast amount of knowledge but also the tools to conduct myself professionally. I learned concepts, but more importantly I learned how to communicate and work with other people in a new environment.”

A real-world project that sets you apart.

As part of your course, you'll be given a real-world project with teammates from your class. Designed in collaboration with our partner companies, these projects add an edge to your resume that will make your college application stand out.

作为课程的一部分,你将与班上的队友一起参与一个真实企业项目。这 些项目与我们的海外伙伴公司合作设计,可为你的简历增添优势,让你 的大学申 请脱颖而出。

About WorldStrides.

Education and personal growth are the heart of WorldStrides’ mission – and they have been since the beginning. Founded in 1967, we have grown to become a leader in experiential learning for students of all ages throughout their lifetime learning journey. With more than 50 years of success providing over 9 million students with outstanding experiences.

环识国际 环识国际从创办初始其使命的核心是教育和个人成长。自 1967 年成立以来,环识国际已经成为所有年龄段学生体验式学习的领 导者,帮助了超过9,000,000学生的成长转变。

Experience the careers of the future.

iX LaunchPad, is a full-time virtual career preparation course + real-world project this Spring
(Jan 24 – Feb 18)

If there is something you’re still unsure about, please don’t hesitate to contact us at and we’ll be happy to help.