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Meet our UVA family.

Read more about how iX has been a stepping stone for them from university to their career.

iXperience is not an official endorsed partner of the University of Virginia. The stories shared here are from students who have done iX as an unaffiliated program.

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Since 2014, 400+ UVA students have completed an iX program.

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Explore career paths of UVA iX Alumni.

Trevor Bedsaul - UVA 20'

While I got really valuable experience on the iX program, the people I met in Cape Town made this program ten times better because they were such fun and interesting people. It was all an incredible experience.

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Allie Ivener - UVA 16'

When I first signed up for iXperience, I expected to just learn how to make web applications. I didn't really know what exactly that would mean, but I never imagined it would contribute so heavily to me landing an internship at Microsoft.

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Yash Tekriwal - UVA 20'

All of my classmates at iX chose to do Data Science because we know that we live in an increasingly data-driven world. Learning the data science toolkit has meant that I can say I’m a couple of steps further along on my path. If not, I’ve gained a family of amazing iX people to help me find meaning. That’s what Data Science is: A quest to find meaning where it didn’t exist before. iX defined my current career prospects. What iX teaches too is more than just technical skills; it's a way of thinking.

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Sean Vanderslice - UVA 19'

I can say without question that through iXperience, I was able to get really valuable insight into what it’s like to work at an investment firm and the great feeling that comes with presenting something that I had worked hard on over the past few weeks.

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Prof. Sherri Morre from UVA.

Hear from Professor Sherri Moore, one of the most popular professors at the University of Virginia, about her experience with iX.

Chat with an alum on Grounds.

Kyle and Jacqui are iX alumni who would be happy to meet with you to talk about the program and answer any questions.

A 3rd-year student at the University of Virginia, I am in the McIntire School of Commerce and intend to concentrate in both finance and management.

Kyle Mele

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Student at UVA McIntire School of Commerce

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I am currently a Junior at the University of Virginia pursuing a Commerce major with concentrations in Management and Marketing. I am also a minor in Social Entrepreneurship.

Jacqui Harari

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Junior at the University of Virginia

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Hear the impact of the program from a recent UVA student.

We have learned a tremendous amount of information in these last 6 weeks. Probably more than I have learned in a semester at college.

Krish Rajani

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Student at University of Virginia

See the day in the life of a recent UVA student in Lisbon.

The people in the program have all been amazing, from the students to the directors, and have really brought the experience to a new level of fun. Lisbon is incredible and the perfect European city to live in: extremely walkable, tons going on, amazing food, gorgeous. How much better can it get?

Leila Troxell

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Rodman Scholar at University of Virginia

See where UVA + iXperience alum are working now.

400+ UVA students have done iX in the past.

Kaylie Puccinelli


iX Investment Finance 2020

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Crawford Boyd

AXIS Capital                         

iX Investment Finance 2019

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Rahi Desai

ReKlame Health

iX Data Science & AI 2018

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Darrel Zhang

Capital One

iX Management Consulting 2019

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Grayson DeBerry


iX Management Consulting 2021

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Virginia Poole


iX Investment Finance 2019

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Siam Sheikh


iX Management Consulting 2021

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Tailor Henriksen


iX Management Consulting 2020

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Memories from our trips to Grounds.

Every semester, our team visits Grounds to host events with our partners, meet with students, and connect with faculty.

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