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Meet our UPenn family.

Read more about how iX has been a stepping stone for them from university to their career.

iXperience is not an official endorsed partner of the University of Pennsylvania. The stories shared here are from students who have done iX as an unaffiliated program.

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Since 2014, Almost 150 UPenn students have completed an iX program.

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Explore career paths of UPenn iX Alumni.

Oliver Gross - UPenn 22'

It's amazing how you can come in knowing almost nothing about a certain skill, and walk out 6 weeks later knowing so much more. I had a great experience, not only academically but also met amazing people - almost exactly what I expected and more.

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Tammy Yang - UPenn 23'

iXperience allowed me to truly discover my interesting in UI/UX Design. The hands on experience taught me how to apply the fundamentals that I've learned in class to prototype my own app and design a new mockup website for an social enterprise. This program has been a pivotal moment for me as a designer. It truly made me feel like I am capable of pursuing this role even though I did not have any design experience before coming in.

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Matthew Tomaselli - UPenn 21'

Amazing abroad experience. Dynamic teaching, great location and facility, AWESOME staff. Intensive technical training in a very practical and useful skill. Great to have under your belt for job/internship applications.

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See the day in the life of a recent UPenn student in Lisbon.

I chose to participate in I experience because I wanted to challenge myself, both personally and professionally. The program offered the perfect balance of education, work experience, and travel, and it has exceeded my expectations. I am so glad I took the leap to do something outside of my comfort zone.

Natalie Rosenbaum

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Student at University of Pennsylvania

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Kiln is an iX alum who would be happy to meet with you to talk about the program and answer any questions.

I'm junior at the University of Pennsylvania, studying Marketing and Operations Management, with a minor in Legal Studies and History. I'm Interested in the retailing and consumer goods sector and passionate about environmental sustainability. I'm also pursuing a career in operations and supply chain management in the fashion and beauty space.

Kiln Chen

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Marketing + Operations Management at Wharton

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See where UPenn + iXperience alum are working now.

Almost 150 UPenn students have done iX in the past.

Dani Gelb


iX UX & UI Design 2019

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Ryan Khosravi

Solomon Partners

iX Management Consulting 2021

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Ashley Castillo


iX Management Consulting 2016

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Elias Kalish


iX Full Stack Coding 2019

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Natasha Dalmia


iX Management Consulting 2019

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Eugenia Aristeguieta

J.P. Morgan

iX Management Consulting 2017

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Cameron Rhind


iX Investment Finance 2021

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Talia Hoffman

Bank of America

iX Management Consulting 2022

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