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Meet our Harvard family.

Read more about how iX has been a stepping stone for them from university to their career.

iXperience is not an official endorsed partner of Harvard University. The stories shared here are from students who have done iX as an unaffiliated program.

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Since 2014, almost 100 Harvard students have completed an iX program.

We partner with several clubs at UVA.

Explore career paths of Harvard iX Alumni.

Linda Qin - Harvard 20'

I truly do mean it when I say that being here has changed me as a person and that it has lit a fire inside of me to try and make the world a better place, even if for just one person.

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Mark Steinbrick - Harvard 17'

iX is a world of opportunity. I couldn't imagine there is a better summer program out there in terms of how much you will learn and what there is to do around you. I will be remembering my days in Cape Town for a long time to come.

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Hear the impact of the program from Norah.

Taking that leap of faith and doing iX has given me more certainty in what I want to do in my career. I also get to have travel experience and make connections with other like mined people from other countries.

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See the day in the life of Norah in Lisbon.

Think about what your priorities are. When I was in the position of choosing between working on campus or iX, I thought about how important it is for me to travel. You’re truly in a space where you get to make mistakes, learn and be authentically yourself.

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Chat with an alum.

Norah and Silvana are iX alumni who would be happy to meet with you to talk about the program and answer any questions.

I never imagined that I would find a place that would not only challenge my skills but also help me find clarity about my career goals. But that's exactly what I found in this environment. It has been a truly career-changing experience for me.

Norah Ostin

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Sophomore at Harvard University

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iX is an incredible opportunity for students who would like to gain exposure to the business world. It allows you to learn up-to-date skills from an industry professional as well as apply these skills at an internship of your choice. Plus, you’re taught how to improve aspects of your professional life: your LinkedIn page, your resumé, and your interview skills. You can accomplish so much in 6 weeks and still have plenty of time to travel! Take it from me: being in iX was one of the best decisions of my life. Don’t miss out!

Silvana Y. Pacchiano

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Econ & Gov at Harvard

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See where Harvard + iXperience alum are working now.

Almost 100 Harvard students have done iX in the past.

Gabe Martinez


iX UX & UI Design 2016

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Letitia Chan

Bain & Company

iX Investment Finance 2020

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Rohit Ahuja


iX Software Engineering 2014

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Leila Hofer


iX Software Engineering 2015

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Tom McCarthy


iX Full Stack Coding 2018

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Shawn Wallace


iX Web Development 2017

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Jonathan Garzon

Bain & Company

iX Management Consulting 2021

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Sarah Schachman


iX Software Engineering 2014

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Funding details.

Is funding available for the program in Cape Town and Lisbon?

Yes, the Harvard Office of Career Services (OCS) is an office that offers funding for multiple kinds of experiences, including internships. Since iXperience is an internship experience, funding can support students participating in it.

For a list of OCS funding opportunities, students can go to the Find and Apply for Summer Opportunities Funding page on the Office of Career Services website. Students who would like to apply for funding for iXperience should review the OCS-Funded Third-Party Internship Programs Outside the U.S. page. Students should be sure to read the eligibility requirements and "How to Apply" section.

Memories from our trips to Harvard.

Every semester, our team visits Harvard to host events with our partners, meet with students, and connect with faculty.

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